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We Are Borg

Thorandaal a posted Sep 16, 17

Ok, so we aren't borg, but we are 7/9 now. Prophecy got it's first Maiden of Vigilance kill Thursday after coasting through 6 Heroic bosses. Then we spent Friday working on the Fallen Avatar and had several good pulls. We keep pushing, and we will get through Heroic Kil'jaedan again. And don't forget about our mats drive going on. There will be some great prizes. Mounts, pets, gold, all up for grabs.


Guild Mats Drive

Thorandaal a posted Sep 16, 17

Announcing Prophecy’s first Donation Drive Contest for Legion!

With the invasion of Argus ramping up and new raid content on the horizon, we want make sure Prophecy’s supplies are well stocked so everybody has steady access to flasks, feasts, enchants, and gems. Members should always be able to ask for help with these resources to keep themselves at peak performance, and we are committed to having these materials available. This presents us with an opportunity to open up the guild vault for donations of raw materials and reward everybody who participates with an array of prizes that will continue to evolve as participation grows.

What this means for you is that for every scoring donation you make (see the chart below) during the duration of the drive, you will earn points based off what you give the guild vault. At the end of the drive, winners will be rewarded by points value. The more you give, the higher your reward.


  • 1pt per 10 all current Meat or Fish (does not include Wildfoul or Falcosaur Eggs)
  • 1pt per 40 Leyblood
  • 1pt per Bacon


  • 1pt per 40 Lightweave Cloth


  • 1pt per 10 Arkhana
  • 1pt per 3 Leylight Shard
  • 2pt per Chaos Crystal


  • 1pt per 20 Yseraline Seed
  • 1pt per 10 base Legion Herb (includes Astral Glory)
  • 1pt per 3 Starlight Rose
  • 1pt per Felwort


  • 1pt per 20 Stormscale, Stonehide, or Fiendish Leather
  • 1pt per Felhide


  • 1pt per 10 Leystone, Felslate, or Empyrium Ore
  • 1pt per Infernal Brimstone
  • 1pt per uncut blue-quality gem
  • 3pt per uncut epic-quality gem

Send your donated materials to Portent via in-game mail to be scored. Points will be scored into a spreadsheet (link below) so you can track our progress and see how you rank up with the other drive participants. Donations will be taken through September 26th. Winners will be announced on raid night on September 28th, after which the current guild vault will be accessed and another drive may take place.

Points Sheet:

Prophecy thanks you for your participation. Good luck and have fun!

After spending the evening, and 16 pulls, working on improving our understanding and practice of the Mistress Sassz'ine mechanics, we finally got her down on our 17th and what would have probably been our final pull of the night. A totally Prophecy first kill for sure. We are now ready to start poking everyone's favorite Maiden, so make sure to stock up on your protection potions and of course a little liquid courage doesn't hurt either. Lets make sure we keep on pushing hard and eventually we will manage to get through.


Number 5!

Thorandaal a posted Aug 18, 17

We got Number 5. With a little bit of help from some friends we got our first kill on Desolate Host tonight. Thus ending a drought of first kills that lasted to long for our taste. Now only Mistress stands between us and the fun bosses. I know it has been frustrating, but we have done it. We can all take a collective sigh of relief and relaxation and move on. We will keep going, we got this.


Valeryth Novskya Besides, we all know Day is dying to sink her teeth into Maiden :3

4/9 Heroic

Thorandaal a posted Jul 22, 17

After a full clear of Normal on Thursday plus the first 2 Heroic bosses, We managed to focus on the Sisters of the Moon on Saturday night and get our first kill of that boss. With more to come tonight. Stay tuned for an update after Saturday nights raid. And remember if we can put something together Sunday night as well we will.

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