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4/9 Heroic

Thorandaal a posted Jul 22, 17

After a full clear of Normal on Thursday plus the first 2 Heroic bosses, We managed to focus on the Sisters of the Moon on Saturday night and get our first kill of that boss. With more to come tonight. Stay tuned for an update after Saturday nights raid. And remember if we can put something together Sunday night as well we will.

We did not get any new bosses killed this week. However, we did get some new raiders and broke them in on a full clear of normal and the first 2 Heroics. This coming week will be Heroics on Thursday. Normal on Friday, with Saturday being Normal clean up and a Heroic push. Sunday night we have a forth night of raid planned. If you can be there please be there. We would like to be able to put together a group to push on Heroics a little more. If for some reason we can not put a raid together we will assemble some groups to push some M+ keys. We are still going strong guys. We are very close to being 4 or 5/9.

Also, you should all go check ou the stories and stuff in the forums here. Those of us who have posted have had a lot of fun putting this stuff together and we think you will have fun checking it out. You may even find yourself in some of our creations.

3/9 Tomb of Sargeras

Thorandaal a posted Jul 9, 17

Another one bites the dust. Heroic Demonic Inquisition went down. We got a lot of great pulls and practice on the Inquisition on Thursday night. And tonight after a little more gear from clearing through Normal again, he bit the dust. We also got some great attempts in on the Sisters of the Moon after the downing of Inquisition, that means we are going to be taking them out next week for sure. The tentative plan for next week is starting on Heroic Thursday and going from there. Lets kick some ass guys. All we need is for everyone to show up and practice mechanics with us. Oh and bring your best dodgeball face for the Sisters because the glaves are brutal.


Ok guys, I have been behind on my News Posts. Sorry. We have had an excellent start to the Tomb of Sargeras. We cleared out 5 bosses our first night of raiding. Then we cleared out everything but Kil'jaeden our second night. Our third night we were unable to get a full group together for Tomb and so went back to Nighthold to remind us why we were glad to be out of there.

The second week of Tomb, and our 3 night in the new raid we went back to the beginning to get more gear. We cleared out 6 bosses that night. Next night we cleared the rest we had done before and started our first attempts on Kil'jaeden. With several pulls getting into the last phase of the fight. Then last night, our 5th night in the Tomb of Sargeras, after a few key personnel additions, we got our first kill of Kil'jaeden. After which we pushed our way into Heroics and managed to get down both Goroth and Harjatan before running out of time.

With focus, preparation, and a little luck, we should be pushing our way further into Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We are doing an awesome job and are through the final boss of a new tier of content faster then we have ever been before. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Let's keep kicking ass, taking names, and having fun.


I have only included the pic of our Kil'jaeden kill. The rest of our first kill pics can be found in our Gallery. Go check them out and bask in our awesomeness.

Tomb of Sargeras

Thorandaal a posted May 28, 17

Ok guys. It is that time. I have started piecing together guides and videos for the Tomb of Sargeras encounters. We have a couple weeks til release but it certainly doesn't hurt to start getting familiar with the fights now. Just click the link in the quick links below on the left and start studying.

Tomb officially opens June 20th, which means our first raid in there will be June 22nd.

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